Friday, 24 March 2017

Storage in London

Looking for some Long term or short term storage in London?

Storage space is always an issue with a growing house, flat or business. You may have some household or business items you wish to store for a period of time, maybe you are locating to a new place in London?

Central Moves have large secure storage facilities in London. They currently use a specialist containerised storage system to minimise handling and keep your goods clean, dry and secure.


Container Storage System in London Explained

Stage 1. A purpose built vehicle will arrive outside your property with the container(s) on board. Your furniture and personal items will then be loaded securely in the container.

Stage 2. Items are inventoried, at request photographed too and security sealed in your presence for minimal handling & added piece of mind mind

Stage 3. On arrival at the warehouse, the containers are handled mechanically into their location. Once in position, they are not touched again until the items are required for delivery.

When you want to get a quality storage in London, the first thing you need to do is measure out all of your furniture so you have exact ideas of dimensions that you will be dealing with.
Measure the length, width and height of all furniture that you are storing before obtaining a storage quote from Central Moves.

One wooden storage container holds up to 250 cubic metres of goods costing from as little as £2 per day including insurance cover of up to £5,000 per container.

All storage charges are chargeable weekly. Discounts are available for long term storage.


Tips on how to prepare for storage.

1. Clean your furniture thoroughly – Before placing your furniture in long term storage, vacuum the furniture with a brush to remove any excess dirt and then apply furniture polish. This will seal the wood and slow the advances of mould.
2. Disassemble all items of furniture  – this is to ensure smoother transportation and it also creates more room in the storage container.
3. Protect the pieces by covering them – Cover the upholstery on furniture with clean 100% cotton white sheets. Do not use dark coloured sheets as these could bleed colour onto the stored items if there is moisture in the storage unit.
4. Wrapping Packing and Stacking – breakable items should be individually wrapped and placed into well padded boxes.
list and label boxes on all sides so that objects can be easily found if need be while in storage.
5. Packing boxes of uniform size are easier to stack – Stack the heaviest boxes at the bottom and place lighter ones on top to prevent crushing of box sides.
6. Banned from removal and storage – Never try to store food, anything flammable, combustible or caustic. This includes petrol, oil, cleaning fluids, paint thinners and portable gas tanks.

Central Moves is a convenient way to store any items you want to store. No matter how big or how small this storage company has you covered. Give them a Call 020 8892 8931 orget a price to check out their rates. You will know your items are safe with them and will be easy to find when you want to get them out of storage. They will be delivered to you at the address you choose. Central Moves has the best in storage and moving options.