Thursday, 28 September 2017

Storing your Furniture While You Find a New Home

There are times when work or family commitments require a move to a new town, or even a new country. This can be daunting, especially when there’s a risk of rushing in to a less than ideal property purchase.
Choosing a new home can take time because there are many things to consider, such as the type of neighbourhood, the local amenities and the availability of places in good local schools.

To reduce the risk of making a poor property choice, many people decide to put their furniture into storage and temporarily rent somewhere while they find a new permanent home.

This can relieve a lot of the pressure and thereby reduce the stress of relocating to an unfamiliar area.
Although there are many self-storage facilities in the UK, these are not the ideal storage providers for the above scenario. Self-storage usually requires a lot of handling and therefore increases the removals costs and risk of damage.
Central Moves provides an alternative that halves the amount of physical handling, so halves the risk of damage to furniture and other belongings.
If a customer is using our storage service, we can load their goods directly into storage containers when we collect from their original address. These storage units (each with its own inventory and unique ID number) are then taken off the vehicle and stored in a secure warehouse for as long as the customer requires.
Once the customer has chosen their new home, we put the storage units onto the vehicle and deliver as arranged. The customer can then tick off each item on the inventory as it is unloaded from the unit, if they choose to do so.
This process means we only need to physically handle to goods twice – once to load into the units and once to unload. Together with our low weekly storage fees, this can lead to huge savings for our customers.
Our storage facility is highly secure, with an efficient alarm system, 24 hr CCTV monitoring and no public access without an appointment.
If you would like to know more about our storage systems, costs, collection/delivery process or anything else regarding the storage of your furniture and goods, we are happy to take your call. Call 020 8892 8931

Friday, 24 March 2017

Storage in London

Looking for some Long term or short term storage in London?

Storage space is always an issue with a growing house, flat or business. You may have some household or business items you wish to store for a period of time, maybe you are locating to a new place in London?

Central Moves have large secure storage facilities in London. They currently use a specialist containerised storage system to minimise handling and keep your goods clean, dry and secure.


Container Storage System in London Explained

Stage 1. A purpose built vehicle will arrive outside your property with the container(s) on board. Your furniture and personal items will then be loaded securely in the container.

Stage 2. Items are inventoried, at request photographed too and security sealed in your presence for minimal handling & added piece of mind mind

Stage 3. On arrival at the warehouse, the containers are handled mechanically into their location. Once in position, they are not touched again until the items are required for delivery.

When you want to get a quality storage in London, the first thing you need to do is measure out all of your furniture so you have exact ideas of dimensions that you will be dealing with.
Measure the length, width and height of all furniture that you are storing before obtaining a storage quote from Central Moves.

One wooden storage container holds up to 250 cubic metres of goods costing from as little as £2 per day including insurance cover of up to £5,000 per container.

All storage charges are chargeable weekly. Discounts are available for long term storage.


Tips on how to prepare for storage.

1. Clean your furniture thoroughly – Before placing your furniture in long term storage, vacuum the furniture with a brush to remove any excess dirt and then apply furniture polish. This will seal the wood and slow the advances of mould.
2. Disassemble all items of furniture  – this is to ensure smoother transportation and it also creates more room in the storage container.
3. Protect the pieces by covering them – Cover the upholstery on furniture with clean 100% cotton white sheets. Do not use dark coloured sheets as these could bleed colour onto the stored items if there is moisture in the storage unit.
4. Wrapping Packing and Stacking – breakable items should be individually wrapped and placed into well padded boxes.
list and label boxes on all sides so that objects can be easily found if need be while in storage.
5. Packing boxes of uniform size are easier to stack – Stack the heaviest boxes at the bottom and place lighter ones on top to prevent crushing of box sides.
6. Banned from removal and storage – Never try to store food, anything flammable, combustible or caustic. This includes petrol, oil, cleaning fluids, paint thinners and portable gas tanks.

Central Moves is a convenient way to store any items you want to store. No matter how big or how small this storage company has you covered. Give them a Call 020 8892 8931 orget a price to check out their rates. You will know your items are safe with them and will be easy to find when you want to get them out of storage. They will be delivered to you at the address you choose. Central Moves has the best in storage and moving options. 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Tips For Choosing The Best Facility for Household Storage London

Are you locating to a new place in London? Is the new home smaller than the current house? Do you need a household storage facility in London where you can store your possessions meanwhile?


Well, there are lots of household storage London facilities that are perfect for people who don’t have enough space to store all their possessions. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best household storage facility in London.

1. Type Of Storage

Before choosing any facility, you need to make sure that it is the type of storage you need for your possessions. If you avoid this step, you could end up with storage space that is very unsuitable and not cost effective. Evidently this will not suffice to store your household possessions. Therefore, you should have an accurate idea of the kind and size of space you are looking for.
If you choose space that is too big and you can’t fill it up, you are simply losing money. On the other hand, if you rent something that is too small, you will be forced to rent another space just to fill your household goods. Therefore, take a list of the sizes and number of items you are looking to store. Send this list to household storage facilities in London and get a rough quote.

2. Location

It makes little sense to choose a storage facility that’s located hours away, if you need to access the stored items regularly. However, if that’s not the case, you can save a little more money by choosing a storage facility located far away. Most household storage facilities offer bigger discounts since they don’t have to be located in the city. Therefore, if you don’t need regular access, a facility out of the city would make much more sense.

3. Accessibility

At what times are you looking to access your stored possessions? How frequent will you be visiting the facility? Remember, not all facilities operate around the clock. Therefore, if you need access to your items at odd hours, you need to look for a facility that’s open 24 hours each day. It’s quite disheartening to need access to one of your stored items but you can’t do so until days later. That’s why you need to take the issue of accessibility into question when you are looking for a household storage facility in London.

4. Security

Of course, it’s important to look for a household storage facility that offers the highest level of security. Most of these facilities might not have state of the art security installations but just a few basics would do the trick. For instance, the storage facility you are looking into should have CCTV cameras, fire protection, lockable access and also insurance. Basically, you need to be sure that your items are safe when stored at that particular facility.
The bottom line is that space, security, location and accessibility are the most important things to consider when looking for a household storage facility in London.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Furniture Storage in West London

Things to Consider when Looking for Furniture Storage in West London

Furniture Storage in West London
Furniture Storage in West London
Household Storage West London
Household Storage West London
When you want to be sure that you are able to safely and efficiently store your belongings to the best of your ability, you will need to look into some furniture storage options. By taking advantage of these self storage options, you will have all that you need in order to keep some of your best pieces safe and sound for the long haul.
There are a lot of furniture storage facilities in West London that you will be able to take advantage of, so make sure that you read through this guide to get an understanding of what you can do.
When you want to get a quality storage facility, the first thing you need to do is measure out all of your furniture so you have exact ideas of dimensions that you will be dealing with.
Measure the length, width and height of all furniture that you are storing before you go out and hunt for furniture storage units.
As you hunt for potential furniture storage units, you will then be able to get in idea of the sizes that you have available to you in order to choose the best one for the furniture pieces that you are planning to store. By making these measurements well ahead of time, you are putting yourself in a great position to understand what size unit will be best for you in order to have plenty of space to manouver and store your items over the long term.
Storage warehouse West LondonAs you shop around for the best storage facilities that you can find, you should also make sure that they have excellent security and safety practices. This will give you peace of mind of knowing that your belongings will be safe from intruders or people who might try to steal your furniture. Gaining this understanding will allow you to confidently pay for any storage facility that you have in mind since you know that your items will be kept safely and you will not have to worry about how you will retrieve the value. Even with this said, you should opt for an insurance plan or see if any current insurance policy that you own, such as a renter’s insurance policy, will cover you for any items lost or stolen while In your furniture storage unit. Knowing these things will give you the best opportunity to keep your furniture away from harm as you look to store it somewhere for the long term basis.

With this in mind, keep these points handy and use them to the best of your ability. This will provide you with the greatest opportunity to store your furniture where it needs to go without stress or worry. By following these guidelines, you will be in a great position to keep your items where they need to be so that you retain and preserve all value associated with your furniture pieces. Reach out to get quality furniture storage in West London business that can help you out for any size unit that you need.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Long or Short Term Furniture Storage for residents or Businesses in Twickenham Greater London.

Storage-Twickenham London
Twickenham C/O Central Moves has some of the finest furniture storage facilities anywhere in the country. All our warehouses use the containerised storage system to minimise handling and keep your goods clean, dry and secure, perfect for Furniture. Central Moves warehouses also have facilities to handle special items that are inappropriate forcontainerised storage. Carpets, ladders, motorcycles, cars and caravans all receive individual attention and care. Goods are inventoried and at request photograghed too.

Furniture Storage charges are chargeable weekly.

Insurance cover of upto £5,000 per container is included in your weekly price. cctv-high-security-data-storage Twickenham

Central Moves Main Warehouse is based in Twickenham perfect for Residents or businesses looking for Furniture Storage in Twickenham Greater London.

A purpose built vehicle will arrive outside your property or business in Twickenham Greater London with the container(s) on board. Your furniture and personal items will then be loaded securely in the container. You will be the last person once locked to gain access to your personal furniture, 24 hrs notice is required if or when you need access to your Furniture or for delivery to your property in Twickenham Greater London or to anywhere Worldwide. collection-return-service-Twickenham
Also at Twickeham Removals C/O Central Moves we offer Data & Document Storage for Large to small Businesses. Central Moves can provide you with a 1 stop shop for a safe and efficient way to secure and maintain these important older files? Our services include:
  • Collection / return service
  • Storage / retrieval service
  • Automatic disposal upon expiry
  • Confidential Destruction service

If you would like more information or advice on Furniture Storage Twickenham Greater London Please contact a member of our Storage team on:

FREEPHONE: 0800 216123 for a competitive quotation or email or simply fill out our on-line forms to book an estimator or on-line quote form